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Men slobbering over female game characters has run its course. No one needs to read any more about Lara Croft's chest or Chun Li's thighs. What we do need to read about are the granite-hard pecs, stubbled jaws, smooth skin, and bedroom eyes of the hunkiest studs in the world of video games.

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When I discuss diversity in video games, I ask the audience to pull out their phones and Google the word gamer. The story that has been told about who plays video games is wrong. The perception of gamers being headphone-wearing white kids with bad t-shirts and plaid button-ups is as fantastical as the worlds they play in.

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Let's get ready to rumble! The phrase "fake gamer girl" gets thrown around a lot, especially on YouTube and Twitch, but is there any truth to these claims? Well, the best answer is no.

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Poppy lives near Tokyo and likes to read novels and play video games, especially fantasy RPGs. We've all done it—despite a character from a cartoon or video game being, technically, a bunch of well-placed pixels, we've still sometimes said "oooh, they're lovely. Shame they're not real. As well as engaging storylines, multiple missions and sidequests, fun gameplay, and sometimes the chance to challenge friends and strangers online for endless tournaments, video games have also brought us the odd character who we love to crush on.

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Women now account for over half of people who play video games, a study has found, driven by the ever-burgeoning app market and hopefully a little bit less gender stereotyping. The growth in women gamers can has been driven primarily by free mobile apps, with six in ten games acquired in the last six months having been free. Many games now don't feature characters to beat or kill which appeals to women as they're less likely than men to simply play for competition's sake.

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Happy boys playing video games. Game, caucasian. Royalty-Free Stock Photo.

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PewDiePie has made his name—and a fortune—posting videos of himself playing video games. Together, these two clips have attracted nearly 7 million views. In his videos, PewDiePie laughs, swears, and goofs around as if he were hanging out with his best friend.

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Including our favorite video game memes. My favorite game is Grand Theft Auto, you can do virtually anything. I was able to experience raping a child, robbing a charity shop and killing a Jew with my steel crowbar.

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The relationship between women and video games has received extensive academic, corporate, and social attention. Since the s, [1] female gamers have commonly been regarded as a minority, but industry surveys have shown that in time the gender ratio has become closer to equal, and since the s, women have been found to make up about half of all gamers. Sexism in video gamingincluding sexual harassmentas well as underrepresentation of women as characters in gamesis an increasing topic of discussion in video game culture.

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Women are instinctively attracted to guys who have the confidence and determination to rise through the levels of life and reach for their true potential as a man. If a woman finds herself with a guy who hides from his true potential behind digital games, she will instinctively lose attraction for him. A woman wants to be with a man who is striving to make their survival easier and more comfortable.


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