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Here are a few samples of apparently real women from all over the world who are still seeking domestic guidance. Candy wrote: I am 21 and still get it from my parents for coming in late and sometimes talking back, it is mostly on the bare butt but I also get it nude too, They tell me that as long as i live in their house I will go by their rules, and since I am going to tech school i hardly can afford to move out at this point, it is really embarassing sometimes when i have to get it nude and my dad and little brother are there to see, I am sure my brother gets a eyefull if you know what I mean Kay wrote: I was spanked by both my parents until I moved out of their home at age I believe in spanking and use this method on my daughters.

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The components are as follows. Combine that with the recent story survey and more people were okay with a full spanking given over panties than I expected. As this is my preference then this is the route that I went.

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The next morning Kylie was awakened shortly before 5 am by shooting pains radiating from her war-torn bottom. She had rolled over onto her back in her sleep, jarring every angry nerve in that region. And her slender frame offered her very little by way of shock absorption.

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I go through contortionist neck gymnastics whenever I back out of my driveway, thoroughly searching every possible square inch where a child could unexpectedly pop up as I inch out at about 1. The kids stood waiting to pile into the car after a trip to the beach after a long, exhausting slog across a fire-hot dune. Clara stood next to my oldest son, about fifteen feet away from me.

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Last week, we asked : Should parents spank their children? You answered, and here are your thoughts, edited for clarity. I grew up with parents who spanked me and my siblings.

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When year-old Taylor Santos, a sophomore at Springtown High School in Texas was called in to be disciplined for allegedly letting another student copy her work, she was punished by having a two-day suspension. The teen called her mother, who also approved the request. The story gets weirder, however: Taylor's mother, Anna Jorgensen, is now furious because a male vice principal spanked her daughter, although there was a female present during the punishment school policy says that females have to spank females, and the same goes for males.

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Yancie was concerned about her daughter missing three days of school, so she chose paddling. But ironically enough, the girl ended up missing four days to recover from injuries sustained from the punishment. But it was more than just a feel, she felt it for several days- two, three weeks she felt it," said Yancie. Yancie observed the black and blue marks on her daughter's rear end and was advised by a friend to get police involved.

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First chapter I have a life-long interest for spanking, ever since I was a young child. I never got spanked as a kid, though I was always so excited to hear when other kids told that they had been spanked for one reason or another. Especially when my best friend, a girl named Sandra, told me about a spanking she had received.

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At a. The mother said Blackburn would spank her times, stop, and repeat several times. She said she was making breakfast at the time and estimated the girl was spanked between times.


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